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Kandinsky Trio: ON LIGHT WINGSKandinsky Trio:
On Light Wings

Three world premieres!  Soaring imagination and creativity abound with the Kandinskys mix of classical and jazz.  Suites by John D'earth, Natural Bridge (with Kurt Rosenwinkel) and Silent Faustus,and Gunther Schuller's Piano Quartet "On Light Wings."

Tom Varner: HEAVEN AND HELLTom Varner:
Heaven and Hell

The brilliant French hornist/composer's post-9/11 meditation on the good and bad around us all.  This gorgeous suite is a roaring-yet-tender new work for tentet, featuring master trumpeter Russ Johnson and Seattle's top players. Rated **** stars in Down Beat[More...]

Joe Locke/Frank Kimbrough: VERRAZANO MOON Joe Locke/Frank Kimbrough:
Verrazano Moon

Frank and Joe's third recording on OmniTone is live and in-concert.  Full of the special musical alchemy for which this duo's known and loved, Verrazano Moon tingles with gorgeous originals and two breathtaking solo tracks of compositions by Duke Ellington and even Billy Joel!  [More...]

Cameron Brown and the Hear & Now: HERE AND HOW! VOLUME 2! Cameron Brown and the Hear & Now:
Here and How!  Volume 2!

Volume 2 of Cam's first recording as a leader after four decades of performing!  Recorded by David Baker during a tour of Belgium, bop on with the ever-amazing vocalist Sheila Jordan, trumpet wiz Dave Ballou, and drummer Leon Parker.  [More...]

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Jamie Baum Septet:
Moving Forward, Standing Still
Cameron Brown and the Hear & Now:
Here and How!
Here and How! Volume 2!

Michael Bisio:
Brooklyn Sax Quartet:
Far Side of Here

Baikida Carroll:
Marionettes on a High Wire
Change of Time:
Change of Time

Marty Ehrlich's Traveler's Tales:
Malinke's Dance
Equal Interest:
Equal Interest

Ron Horton:
Genius Envy
Russ Johnson:
Save Big
New Math

Kandinsky Trio:
On Light Wings
Frank Kimbrough Trio:

Frank Kimbrough/Joe Locke:
Saturn's Child
The Willow
Verrazano Moon
Christof Knoche:
Line Zero

Lee Konitz:
New Nonet
Lee Konitz-Ohad Talmor Big Band:

Lee Konitz-Ohad Talmor String Project:
David Liebman Big Band:
Beyond the Line

David Liebman Group:
Blues All Ways
Elissa Lala:
Touch of Your Voice:
New Takes on Chet Baker

Mike Lee:
My Backyard
Pete McCann :
Most Folks

Jim McNeely Tentet:
Group Therapy
John McNeil:
East Coast Cool
Sleep Won't Come
This Way Out

MOB Trio:
Quite Live in Brooklyn
Joe Morris Quartet:

Oscar Noriega's Play Party:
Luciano's Dream
Mick Rossi:
One Block from Planet Earth
New Math

Angelica Sanchez:
Mirror Me
Christophe Schweizer Normal Garden:

Lynn Seaton:
Solo Flights
Steve Slagle:
New New York

String Trio of New York:
Gut Reaction
Johnnie Valentino:
Stingy Brim
Eight Shorts in Search of David Lynch

Tom Varner:
Heaven and Hell
Second Communion
Cuong Vu:

Dan Willis :
Velvet Gentlemen

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