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Kandinsky Trio: ON LIGHT WINGS Kandinsky Trio:
On Light Wings

(OmniTone 15219)

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Kandinsky Trio, ensemble ( Benedict Goodfriend, violin · Alan Weinstein, cello, cello percussion · Elizabeth Bachelder, piano ) · Roger Chase, viola · Paul Langosch, bass · Kurt Rosenwinkel, guitar

Natural Bridge (Three Preludes · N’goni · Polysketch · Quist · Scherzo · Chromaticus) · Silent Faustus (Act I, Part 1: The Wager · Act I, Part 2: Faust Labors · Act II, Part 1: Plague · Act II, Part 2: The Crossroads · Act II, Part 3: Badness, Mayhem, Enchantment · Act III: Songs of Home · Act IV: Happy Ending) · Piano Quartet ("On Light Wings") (I. Impromptu: · II. Scherzo· III. Fantasia· IV. Bagatelle)

Spans the American musical worlds of jazz, classical, and creative improvisation.  Journey through three world premieres — across a long musical bridge, through the haunts of silent film, and on the hunt with an iconic American composer to find his unique voice within 20th century music.

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