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Keshavan Maslak/Paul Bley: ROMANCE IN THE BIG CITY Keshavan Maslak/Paul Bley:
Romance in the Big City

(Leo 104)

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Paul Bley, piano · Keshavan Maslak, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone

Romance in the Big City · Don't Lose Her · Jealous Passion · Someone for You · Tormented Rose · It Happens · Tender Your Eyes · Talk to Me · Junko's Dream · Bring Me Your Heart · Your Wife as Yourself · Lovely · Nuts

It is difficult to imagine this combination of musicians. Recklessness, craziness, risk-taking of one is matched by the maturity, experience, coolness of the other. The result is 13 pieces of sheer beauty, which one wants to hear again and again.

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