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Jerry Granelli/Jamie Saft: THE ONLY JUAN Jerry Granelli/Jamie Saft:
The Only Juan

(Love Slave 105)

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J A Granelli, bells 'n' things, voice · Jerry Granelli, drums, voice · Chris Kelly, bass, voice · Jamie Saft, piano, organ, voice

Solo Bells · Baby San · Short · Gong · Short Two · Difficult Dread · Boinger · Rainy Night House · Soloduet · Club Date · I Mean You · Clear the Room · SMD · Don't Stop · Jerry Jerry Woo

A meeting of musicians who were somehow made for each other, although they are years apart in age. Recorded live directly to analog, Saft and Granelli let you hear every nuance of sound as they lead you along a disturbing yet enlightening journey.

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